La Cantine Arkose Nation

35 Rue des Grands Champs, 75020, Paris

Zero waste, Container accepted

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By all means local

Run by a young team committed to sustainability, this converted warehouse space in the 20th arrondissement has become a truly multifaceted venue.

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“We did away with plastic. We never serve food in plastic takeaway containers, all of our snacks come in corn-fiber packaging, and we encourage our clients to use reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones in the gym.”

Comprising a climbing gym on one side and a bar and kitchen on the other, Arkose caters just as much to an amateur rock-climbing crowd as it does to regular restaurant goers. On the menu: as many local options as possible, including the beer, which is brewed on site!

Ethical, sensible, and solidly environmental, Arkose is the talk of the town these days—and with good reason. Initially conceived as an indoor blocpark for urbanites craving a bit of climbing, this hybrid establishment offers something for everyone. In addition to its climbing gym and multiple areas reserved for nomadic active types to work or take a moment to relax, this converted school uniform factory, refitted with furniture and recycled materials, also accommodates a microbrewery and a restaurant, serving craft beers brewed on site.

On the restaurant side, Nassim, the head chef, spotlights seasonal cuisine, mixing trendy favorites, like Buddha bowls and burgers, with more exotic flavors. “Our fresh produce comes from a maximum radius of 250 kilometers, if not less. The seeds we use for our sesame-encrusted salmon, for example, come from the 14th arrondissement. Our bread, always organic, comes from the 11th, and our burrata is made in the 5th!

Enthusiastic about offering quality, eco-conscious cuisine, the chef is always eager to work with small-but-promising brands like Copyr, which offers a line of organic condiments made from vegetables grown in southwestern France, like beets, Aquitaine tomatoes, or carrots from the Landes region.
The kitchen works on a zero-waste model; the chef turns vegetable peelings into chips and makes breadcrumbs out of leftover bread. One thing is for sure: the Arkose team will keep working to reduce their environmental impact. Stay tuned for more!


  • Author: Maeve AT / Jeanne Bourdier
  • Photos: Rodney Paul
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“Every day, the daily specials spotlight seasonal ingredients.”
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