3 Avenue Frédéric le Play, 13009, Marseille

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An “ethical villa” featuring vegetarian cooking

Nestled behind a gate in the unassuming neighborhood of Mazargues, GinKgo offers a green oasis on the outskirts of Marseille. In 2018, Raphaël and Charlène Gaujoux transformed their father’s house into an “ethical villa,” comprising a vegetarian restaurant on the ground floor and three guestrooms. This sibling-run establishment takes its name from the mythic ginkgo tree, revered for its longevity and resilience. In a similar spirit, Raphaël and Charlène wanted to give a second, eco-friendly life to their family home, installing solar panels on the roof, refurbishing the rooms with thrifted furniture, and composting the limited organic waste leftover from the restaurant. In the kitchen, the brother-sister pair chose to cook only with seasonal ingredients that they could grow themselves or source locally, working with producers and winegrowers that they know personally.

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  • Author: Marion Favre / Gaspar Busnel
  • Photos: Rija Rasoamanana /
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