Lulu la Nantaise

67 Rue de Lancry, 75010, Paris

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A popular creperie with high-quality products

When it comes to crepes, it is hard to get a better value for your money. Made with the cream of the crop of farm-fresh products, the sweet and savory crepes at Lulu la Nantaise have a universal appeal.

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  • Prix moyen : 15€
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“To make our crepes, we use organic wheat flour milled at La Charbonnière, near Rennes. It would be a dream come true for me to travel around France to meet all of our producers in person!”

Hervé, the restaurateur behind Lulu la Nantaise, likes to say: “Never serve to your customers what you yourself would not eat.” This mantra says a lot about the high standards that Hervé sets for his establishment, an old-fashioned crepe restaurant with retro, shabby-chic décor. Here, you can forget about industrially carbonated cider, low-grade flour, pasteurized, semi-skimmed milk, and Nutella. Only the best ingredients, sourced from small producers that meet the restaurateur’s rigorous standards, go into the making of Hervé’s sweet and savory crepes.

The buckwheat flour used for the Breton-style savory crepes bears a protected geographical indication designating its authenticity; the whole milk comes from a small farm in the Vendée region, near Nantes; the cook ham is stamped with the prestigious “Prince de Paris” label; and the comté cheese has been aged at an old-fashioned dairy in the mountains of the Franche-Comté region.The menu offers a selection of artisanal apple and pear ciders, fermented without sulfates in small cider houses. And you can forget about ordering crepes with tomatoes in the winter: at Lulu la Nantaise, the chefs are serious about respecting the seasonal availability of ingredients!

Behind a counter that opens onto the restaurant, the cooks are bustling, spatula in hand. Golden brown and honeycombed with perfectly irregular holes (the texture, we are told, comes from the technique used to mix the batter), the buckwheat crepes are as soft as they are crispy. The toppings are simple and without frills—blood sausage, sliced sausage, organic butternut squash, or fresh goat cheese—just the way we like it.


  • Author: Maeve AT / Jeanne Bourdier
  • Photos: Rodney Paul
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“The menu includes a number of vegetarian options, which sets us apart from other crepe restaurants.”
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