Maison Aribert

280 allée du Jeune Bayard, 38410, Saint-Martin-d'Uriage

Sustainable meat, Locavore, Short Circuit

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Une table au sommet

Maison Aribert is deeply rooted into a beautiful surrounding scenery. Settled at a crossroads between the Vercors, Belledone and Chartreuse mountains, in the heights of Grenoble, the two Michelin stars restaurant pays a graceful tribute to its homelands and puts sustainability at its core. Christophe Aribert's cuisine is contemporary, precise and spontaneous, it evokes a delicious mountain hike perfectly tuned to the season. Pine roasted Feta, freshly fished trout from a neighboring village in parsley broth or pine and hazelnut ice cream are served in a refined room where the wooden decor elements plunge us into the heart of the forest. Immersion is guarantied !

About us

  • Menu en 8 temps : 350€
  • (500€ avec boissons)
  • Menu en 10 temps : 390,00€
  • (540€ avec boissons)
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« The content of my plates helps me show my customer where they really are. I'm taking them on a stroll through my homeland.»

Sportsman, lover of healthy cuisine where vegetable oils and wild herbs take precedence over butter and cream, he builds his menus with a naturopath as well as an etiopath (therapeutic approach close to osteopathy), convinced the health and environmental benefits of these practices. "All the actions I have taken at this establishment reflect my deep respect for nature. My desire to rehabilitate a chalet rather than build a new one; to avoid the use of plastic as much as possible; to minimize the amount of waste that we produce and to use our bio-waste to fertilize the soil of our vegetable garden in permaculture, the selected farmers with whom we work ... All this seems essential to me today if we want to preserve the surrounding nature ”.


  • Author: Maëva Terroy
  • Photos: Aurélio Rodriguez
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