Petit Victor Hugo

143 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75016, Paris

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A seafood bistro

The Petit Victor Hugo is a legendary institution in Paris’s chic 16th arrondissement. Closed for renovations in the summer of 2019, the PVH reopened in early October 2021 with an updated, artsy, 70s-inspired look and a modernized menu, comprised almost entirely of sustainable, ethically sourced seafood. For chef Sandrine Esteves, the choice to make environmentally friendly changes was clear: “Today’s clientele has come to expect seasonal products and certified, traceable supply chains,” she says. Serving ethically sourced seafood also raises awareness among PVH’s clientele, giving them the transparency that they need to make environmentally informed choices.

About us

  • Average price : 29 euros


  • Author: Gaspar Busnel
  • Photos: Romain Ricard / thetravelbuds
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