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A veggie-inspired caterer

In the Nantes region in northwestern France, Primesautier has filled the need for a sustainable professional catering service, offering 100% plant-based meals for both private and corporate events. Anne-Laure, who left a career in the fashion industry to pursue her passion for nutrition and the culinary arts, sees plant-based cooking as a source of inspiration and an opportunity for creativity. Trained at the Gentle Gourmet Institute—the only cooking school in France to offer a certification course in plant-based culinary arts—the young chef is constantly coming up with bold, new recipes, incorporating a surprising variety of grains, cereals, spices, oil seeds, and oleaginous fruits. Everything on Primesautier’s catering menu is homemade by Anne-Laure, from creamy imitation ricotta, made with sunflower seeds, to her Breton-style savoury seaweed pancakes. To reduce waste, Anne-Laure has devised a myriad of creative ways to incorporate food scraps in her recipes—like decorating her radish tart with leftover vegetable tops—and recently, she has even been getting into permaculture gardening.

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  • Prix moyen : 25€ pour les entreprises,
  • 70€ pour les mariages


  • Author: Maeve AT / Jeanne Bourdier
  • Photos: Lisa Streich
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