Sol Semilla

23 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010, Paris

Veggie, Vegan, Container accepted

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Superfoods and social ecology

A restaurant specializing in superfoods, Sol Semilla is a reference for anyone motived to be mindful of what they eat. Its vegetarian cuisine is entirely organic and gluten free, and made with ingredients that are as rich in nutrients as they are in history.

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  • Prix moyen : 11-16€
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“We believe that ecology cannot exist without its social component. We partner with producers and cooperatives that work with respect to local ecosystems and cultures.”

With roots in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil, and Peru, these superfoods are true botanical treasures: roots, berries, seeds, and seaweed, with nutritional merits as rich as their cultural history. Developed under the direction of a handful of entrepreneurs conscientious of indigenous cultures and cuisine, Sol Semilla was created some ten years ago.
Today, the Angoulême-based brand distributes superfoods—maca, spirulina, guarana, lucuma, nopal, and others—sourced directly from eco-conscious cooperatives. In Paris, the Sol Semilla canteen incorporates these ingredients into cleverly concocted recipes.

What’s on the menu at Sol Semilla? A healthy yet flavorful cuisine, entirely vegetarian and gluten free. “Our ecological concerns are at the helm of our approach to cooking, which encourages our chefs to get creative on a daily basis,” explains Andrea Marcelli, who manages Sol Semilla. The restaurant holds itself to strict ethical standards; at Sol Semilla, everything on the menu is organic, homemade, and made from as many local ingredients as possible.
The superfoods included in each recipe are no mere frills; to the contrary, these ingredients inspire the dishes they garnish. Comprising grains, seasonal vegetables, legumes, seed oils, and nut butters, the daily special is considered nutritionally complete, flavored with fresh herbs and spices, and garnished with superfoods. Each dish at Sol Semilla is conceived to align gastronomy with wellness, as well as support for indigenous cultures.


  • Author: Marion Favre / Jeanne Bourdier
  • Photos: Rodney Paul, Marie Rousset
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“Our ecological concerns are at the helm of our approach to cooking, which encourages our chefs to get creative on a daily basis.”
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