Helping the restaurant and food service industry become more sustainable

Label & coaching

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Écotable responds to the need of eating better, in a way that is more respectful of our health and the environment. Thanks to a precise criteria list, taking into account all the sources of environmental impact, we label restaurants up to three levels of commitment. This label allows the most sustainable restaurants to be valued, and helps the general public identifying them.

Environmental audit

Thanks to its environmental audit, Écotable is able to produce a detailed analysis of restaurant practices. Restaurant owners can identify, monitor and reduce their impact on the environment. With this audit, any player in the catering sector is able to implement concrete actions and move towards greater sustainability.

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A network of committed service providers

Écotable's ambition is to create a network of service providers committed to the ecological transition. Farmers, recycling & bio-waste recovery companies, non-food products ... we make our network available to all establishments adhering to our approach and services.

Coaching and training

Our team guides and trains all the players of the sector (commercial catering, collective catering, event companies, service providers, etc.) to adopt better sustainable practices. From the creation of the concept to its deployment, we provide concrete solutions to any player that subscribed to one of our offers (audit, coaching, labelling, ...)

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Labelling criteria

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One Écotable

Transition underway

● At least 15% of my products come from organic farming, or from sustainable sourcing.
● All my dishes are prepared on the spot from raw and fresh products.
● I strictly respect the seasons for fruit and vegetables that grow in France.
● I ban egg products from caged hens.
● I offer at least one vegetarian dish.
● I systematically sort my waste.

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Two Écotable

Advanced approach

● At least 30% of my products come from organic farming or sustainable sourcing.
● I limit single-use plastic as much as possible.
● My citrus fruits are not treated.
● I communicate my approach to customers and staff.
[On site] I serve my customers in reusable tableware.
● I make zero waste recipes.
+ A bonus criterion

***Sustainable sectors: implementing agroecological practices and promoting short circuits.

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Three Écotable

An example to all

● More than 50% of my products come from organic farming or sustainable sourcing.
● I sort and recycle bio-waste.
● I have no endangered fish species on my menu.
● My meat is 100% French and from sustainable sourcing.
● + a bonus criterion

Bonus criteria:
The restaurant uses environmentally friendly cleaning products
Its energy is green
I develop the social aspect in my establishment
I do not serve industrial drinks
I apply a zero waste policy