One more step towards sustainable food

Our job is to support restaurant owners in their ecologic approach.

We have created an impact measurement platform, a directory of committed suppliers and educational resources to help foodservice professionals reduce their carbon footprint.

Measure your environmental impact

We produce a detailed analysis of restaurant practices through our environmental audit based on eight axes:

  • Supply
  • Menu
  • Health
  • Waste
  • Resource
  • Non-Food
  • Ethical & Social
  • Communication

On our sustainable catering platform Impact by Écotable, we offer a set of tools to identify committed suppliers and implement eco-actions within a restaurant's teams. The recommendations delivered by our team allow you to keep a roadmap and implement actions in order to move towards eco-responsible practices.

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The Écotable label and its specifications

1 Écotables

One sticker award
Transition underway

  • At least 15% of products are organically grown, or from sustainable channels.
  • I strictly respect the seasons for fruits and vegetables grown in France.
  • All my eggs and egg products are of organic origin or specified free-range (code 0 or 1).
  • I offer at least one vegetarian dish.
  • I systematically carry out selective sorting.
  • A Doggy Bag type take-out solution is implemented for customers.
  • [On site] I serve my customers in reusable dishes.
  • [Takeaway] An alternative to disposable everything is proposed (deposit and/or possibility to come with your own container).

2 Écotables

Two sticker awards
Advanced approach

  • At least 30% of the products are organically grown or from sustainable sources.
  • I limit the use of single-use plastic in my packaging (bottles, etc.).
  • My citrus fruits are not treated.
  • I communicate my approach to my customers and staff.
  • I use zero waste recipes.
  • My supply contains a maximum of 5% of products imported from outside Europe.
  • At least 50% of my supply is of vegetable origin.

3 Écotables

Three sticker awards
An example to all

  • At least 50% of the products are organically grown or from sustainable sources.
  • I sort and recycle my bio-waste.
  • I do not have any endangered fish species on my menu.
  • My meats are 100% French and from sustainable sources.
  • I prefer meats with a low carbon impact (poultry, pork etc.).
  • I do not use any ultra-processed food products.

*the criteria are cumulative from level 1 to level 3 of the label

Bonus criteria

  • I do not use single-use plastic (take-out containers and vacuum cooking)
  • I use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • I subscribe to a renewable energy provider
  • I develop the social aspect in my establishment
  • I don't serve industrial drinks
  • I have a zero waste policy
  • I do not use gas in my establishment

Surround yourself and communicate

Find committed providers

To make it easier for restaurant owners, we have created a network of committed suppliers. From farmers to biowaste recovery companies to associations that recover unsold food, we share our network of nearly 350 companies in a directory that can be accessed by subscribing to our platform "Impact by Écotable".

Communicate on your restaurant's ecological approach

We provide communication kits, in order to share and promote the ecological approach of a restaurant to its customers and teams. Establishments with the Écotable label are highlighted on our website, receive a sign to display on site and are awarded badges in line with their priority commitments.

Find out about Impact by Écotable

Highlight your commitments: the 9 badges of the label


100% Veggie

Restaurant that excludes the consumption of animal flesh



Restaurant that excludes products from animals and their exploitation


Sustainable meat

Restaurant that sources meat from extensive and French breeding



Restaurant serving more than 50% organically grown ingredients



Restaurant sourcing more than 50% of its products locally < 250 km



Restaurant limiting packaging and fighting against waste


Container accepted

Restaurant where you can bring your own container for take-out


Sustainable fishing

Restaurant that excludes products from overfishing and reduced impact on marine life


Short Circuit

More than 50% of the restaurant's supplies come directly from producers

Learn about eco-responsibility

Take advantage of our CSR training in the restaurant industry

We guide and train restaurant professionals, from freelancers to CSR managers to the restaurant teams themselves, regardless of their level of knowledge.

We created our own MOOC "eco-responsible catering" in partnership with Service Compris

Discover our MOOC

Listen to our podcast: Sur le Grill d'Écotable

One of our missions is to make as many people as possible aware of the impact of our food.
For nearly three years, the podcast "Sur le Grill d'Écotable", hosted by Fanny Giansetto (co-founder of Écotable), has been deciphering the environmental, sanitary and social issues of our food.
In each episode, an expert answers her questions or testifies about their ecological commitment.

Listen to Sur le Grill d’Écotable

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