La Cantine de Babel

213 Rue Carnot, 50110, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

Veggie, Vegan, Organic, Zero waste

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Catering with an extra shot of soul and flavor

Founded in 2016 by Laurent Poree, an eco-conscious cook who is passionate about the world’s cultures, La Cantine de Babel provides catering services for local Saint-Lô businesses as well as the artists, technicians, and volunteers who work the festival circuit on the Normandy coast. For Poree, the formula is simple, and yet—as he puts it—so rare in the catering business: meals made with local, organic ingredients, for the most part vegetarian, delivered in glass containers wrapped in reusable furoshiki tissue, a traditional Japanese cloth. No plastic, no paper products, no cardboard: Laurent Poree wanted to provide a catering service where nothing would be thrownaway, not even the reusable silverware, which he asks his customers to provide. As its name suggests, La Cantine de Babel brings flavors from around the world to the fore, revisiting recipes from the Mediterranean, Asia, and even the Balkans, creatively reenvisioned by the caterer’s Breton chef, Oliver Roellinger. Indian dhal, North African tagines, Asian wok, Middle Eastern hummus: the chef prepares delicious, exotic dishes with local vegetables and legumes from neighboring farmers. “My cooking offers a round-trip ticket to the world. In fact, I have been known to wish my customers ‘bon voyage’ instead of ‘bon appétit.’”

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  • Average price: 9,50 - 14,50


  • Author: Marion Favre / Jeanne Bourdier
  • Photos: Lisa Streich
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