Le Bar à Bulles

4Bis Cité Véron, 75018, Paris

Organic, Zero waste

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A peaceful bubble amidst the bustle

Nestled behind the iconic silhouette of the Moulin Rouge, and accessible only through a hidden passage in the Cité Véron, Le Barre à Bulles offers a peaceful respite from the frenetic pace of Parisian living. If the weather suits, sip a craft cocktail on the bar’s verdant rooftop terrace, or relax inside to snack on small, shared plates made with seasonal French products. With the legendary Machine du Moulin Rouge right next door, Le Bar à Bulles is much more than a craft cocktail bar; it’s a hub for culture, art, and community. Come for brunch or cocktail hour, and stay for an open-air film screening. And most of all, say the owners, “take your time” and make yourself at home.

About us

  • Average price: plates to share = 14€, brunch = 24€.


  • Author: Clémence Sahuc
  • Photos: Clémence Sahuc
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