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Sustainable meat, Organic, Zero waste

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Sustainable catering, from morning meetings to after-work mixers

These eco-conscious caterers are as committed to taste as they are to sustainability, serving mostly vegetarian meals made of seasonal, organic ingredients.

About us

  • From 1,40€ for breakfast
  • From 22,50€ for lunch
  • From 24,50€ for buffet
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“We want to serve meals that bring everyone together, which implies that we can’t leave anyone out, even those with special dietary needs.”

So who are Alphonse and Madeleine, two names that sound straight out of a novel by Marcel Proust? None other than the grandparents of the founder, Sophie Burgarella, who passed down to their granddaughter a taste for quality and a spirit of generosity. Sophie and her associate Mehdi have a simple motto: no fancy gimmicks or finicky labels, just eco-conscious cooking with a focus on taste. Providing catering services for non-governmental organizations and corporate giants alike, Sophie and Mehdi cook what they would have like to have eaten when they both worked at companies with bland, down-in-the-mouth food service. By contrast, Sophie and Mehdi wanted to create a catering service that would “bring everyone together” around food that is as good for the body as it is for the environment.

Selecting their suppliers according to their needs and, on occasion, happy happenstance, Sophie and Mehdi often source products from the small producers that they encounter in the course of their travels: an exquisite assortment of cauldron-cooked jams from an artisan they met at an open-air market in the region of Lot-et-Garonne; organic, spit-roasted chicken sourced from a farmer in the Auxerre region, used to garnish slider buns and specialty breads from the artisan baker Anthony Busson; or the impeccable pastries from the Boulangerie Royer that they have served from the very beginning.

Their recipes vary with the seasons: sourcing their organic kiwis from the Brittany region, the caterers stop using the fruit when it goes out of season in April; the same goes for their apricots. And if the fruit isn’t quite yet ripe, they get creative with other ingredients to make the fresh, mixed-fruit juices they serve with breakfast.
The caters try to convey their eco-conscious convictions to the establishments they serve, explaining the virtues of the various ingredients they use and supporting businesses as they move towards a more sustainable model of food service: from the composition of the menus, conceived to minimize waste, to options for composting food scraps. It almost makes you want to apply for a position at the places where these caterers are in charge of the cooking!


  • Author: Zazie Tavitian / Jeanne Bourdier
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“We work with small suppliers, mostly organic, to source our seasonal ingredients locally. We are not interested in organic produce that comes from Peru. Our kiwis are from the Brittany; we use them until mid-April, and then stop once the season ends.”
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