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Ethical food, straight from the source

Advocating for sustainability and transparency from every aspect,
Altermarché’s ambition is offer quality food products with a positive social impact.

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“In my catering service, I can always count on the kind of cooking that you would find at your grandmother’s house: generous and full of flavor."

In his ideal world, Nicolas Josse, the founder of this grocery cum caterer located in the Val-de-Marne region east of Paris, supermarkets would not exist. Farmers would earn a respectable wage, and customers would instinctively opt for quinoa grown in Anjou to its Peruvian counterpart, and exchange mass-produced cola for an artisanal Breton soda sweetened with fair trade sugar.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Nicolas’s grocery is overflowing with products carefully selected for their quality, as well as the social ethics and transparency of their producers. “Once, a producer that I had been working with for some time was not entirely forthcoming about the ingredients and the production methods that had been used for a new product. I decided to take the product off the shelves, even though it tasted great.”

A card-carrying advocate of community-supported agriculture for over ten years, Nicolas works with a network of conscientious producers to stock his shelves with local products. The breakfast spreads and cold buffets that he serves in his catering service, packaged in reusable glass jars, feature fruits, vegetables, and meat raised and harvested in France, or better yet, in the local Île-de-France region. As for the abundance of aromatic herbs that he uses to season his recipes, they grow right out back in his garden, nourished by the compost that he creates using organic waste.


  • Author: Maeve AT / Jeanne Bourdier
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“We should return to a more local model of consumption, like in our grandparents’ day, when industrial farming and supermarkets didn’t exist yet.”
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