Les Fauves

33 Boulevard Edgar Quinet, 75014, Paris

Sustainable meat

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Authentic cooking with a dash of madness

In this part of the Montparnasse neighborhood, better known for its theaters than its restaurants, this botanically decorated neo-bistro hardly goes unnoticed. Committed to cooking with fresh market produce, Les Fauves caters to all diets.

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  • Prix moyen : 9€ l'entrée, 20€ le plat
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“Les Fauves is a modern restaurant that offers you an excellent value for your money.”

Les Fauves has character. With its rough timber interior, suspended string lights, and honey-colored booths, this neo-bistro has a modern retro vibe that comes across as eminently natural. A dynamic duo commands the kitchen. On the one side, the chef, a proponent of homemade pâté and lièvre à la royale (a traditional French dish made of hare); on the other, his second-in-command, a creative vegan who is constantly seeking to experiment with new plant-based recipes—and with little to no waste, if possible. His most recent creation? A vegan couscous, made of a mix of bulgur and semolina, cauliflower, and falafel—a successful reinvention that could hold its own against the original! The chefs’ objective is to offer seasonal cuisine, comprising organic and local products, and to move progressively towards a increasingly plant-based model.

The restaurant has been running in high gear since introducing a 100% organic brunch on the weekends. Even the beef, salmon, and coffee are labeled as organic. The sous-chef has pushed for the inclusion of more plant-based dishes on the menu, and work has recently been done on the building to reduce energy costs. We can continue to expect good things from Les Fauves in the future.


  • Author: Maeve AT / Jeanne Bourdier
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“The majority of the products we cook are organic, even the meat!”
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