Grand Beau

15 Rue Linois, 75015, Paris


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Beautifully organic

The top floor of a department store might seem like an unlikely spot to open an organic restaurant. But for David Grospiron, one of the Grand Beau’s co-founders, “it is important to work from within the system if you want to forge ahead and really reach people.” This stylish restaurant was started by five lifelong friends who wanted to have a positive impact on environmental issues that are common in the food industry. For Claude Gruffat, co-founder of the Grand Beau and president of Biocoop—a chain of organic grocery stores in France—it simply didn’t make sense that people would eat organic at home and not at restaurants. “We wanted to open a restaurant that was in line with market trends and public taste,” he says. At the Grand Beau, this means featuring multiple vegetarian options on the menu and incorporating as many organic and sustainably produced ingredients as possible.

About us

  • Prix moyen : 30€ le menu


  • Author: Zazie Tavitian / Jeanne Bourdier
  • Photos: Jennifer Hart Smith / Benedetta Chialà
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