La guinguette Au bout de l'île

La Queue de L'île, 49570, Montjean-sur-Loire

Organic, Locavore, Zero waste, Short Circuit

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A family that cares

Situated on the western point, or bout, of the Île de la Loire, La Guinguette au Bout de l’Île comprises an open-air restaurant, opened in 2019 by siblings Louise and Alexandre, as well as several guestrooms and yurts, run by their parents Jean-Jacques and Véronique since 2012. The Bellanger family is motivated in all that they do by their love for others, and this spirit of goodwill extends naturally to the business’s environmental practices. Their support for small, organic farmers and ethical farming practices stems not only from their commitment to sustainability, but also from their aspiration to serve high-quality products to their customers. For the Bellangers, what is good for the environment is good for their customers, and vice versa. In the kitchen, Louise and Véronique cook for their customers like they would their own children, with care and an eye for quality.

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  • Average price: 15€


  • Author: Stéphanie Biteau / Jeanne Bourdier
  • Photos: Stéphanie Biteau
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Guiinguette au bout de l'île
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